bleeding kansas (digital EP)

by abolitionist

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In October of 1859, the radical abolitionist John Brown led twenty-five men - composed of former slaves, fellow abolitionists, and his sons - in an ill-fated raid on the federal arsenal in Harper's Ferry, Virginia. His idea was to steal its weapons, arm the town's slaves, and lead them into the surrounding hills to wage an insurrection against the institution of slavery. It was a failure and John Brown was subsequently executed. His actions, however, confirmed to the slavocracy that it was under attack by the supposedly anti-slavery Northern states and the first American Civil War began soon after. The rest is history. Blood-soaked history.


released August 15, 2012

The old tracks are out-of-date and no longer representative of the current incarnation of Abolitionist. However, we've kept one track in the catalog ... and it kind of sums up the EP nicely ... so here ya go!

Recorded January 11th, 2014 @ Haywire Studios by Rob Bartleson.

ABOLITIONIST on this recording:

Dustin Herron (vocals, guitar)
Jeremy Dunlap (bass, vocals)
Mike Urbain (drums)

lyrics/song explanation:

CUT THE HEAD OFF THIS SNAKE "Gather up the pikes, son, it's time we head down south. Gather up the men, son, we're going where God can't be found. Where the devil makes his home. Down to the armory, we march without a sound - righteous, but terrified - on this wet October ground. Gonna be a very cold trip. Never surrender. Not till every last one is free. Never surrender to this slavocracy. You are some brave men, you've led hardscrabble lives but for this righteous cause you would gladly die. All twenty-five of you. A band of brothers, both black and white. Down to the armory, where we'll bring the fight. It's much too late for them. Let's bring the fight to them, show them how it's done. No time for politics when it's freedom to be won. Let's cut the head off this snake. I see it now, boys, that train is just ahead. Pull down those wires, make sure the telegraph is dead. The time to strike is now."

On a cold October night, John Brown marched his small band of men - including his sons - down to small town of Harper's Ferry to implement his doomed plan to arm the town's slaves and lead them in a rebellion against the slavocracy of the Southern American states. He had no faith in any political leader to eliminate what he considered the sin of slavery - only his own faith that God had chosen him to lead the crusade against it. He was prepared to die in an attempt to cut the head off the snake of slavery.



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