by abolitionist

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GREGORY WHEATON rad party music. Favorite track: flaming barricades.
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released May 26, 2011



all rights reserved


abolitionist Portland, Oregon

punk rock from the muck of oregon

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Track Name: flaming barricades
Well, the shit hit the fan on a Tuesday
Twenty three months with no rain and
Things went a little bit crazy
Yeah, a little bit crazy

What do you do when there's no water?
They tried to ration it out but
That got old real quick
That got old real fucking quick

Now we've got
Flaming barricades
And dead people in the street

Things were much worse by Sunday
You couldn't go outside if
You wanted to breathe
The stench would make you choke

Neighbors killing neighbors in the chaos
It was every man, woman, and
Child for themselves
They just needed a drink

Oh god, they needed a drink

Now I'm not saying I'm not guilty
You've got to do what you can
Just to survive
Just to make it through alive

Looking back now I can't believe it
I though I'd lived through the worst but
I knew it wasn't done
No, the war had just begun

The war had just begun
Track Name: no water
There's no water
No fucking water
No water in this burned out fucking city

No alternative
We've gotta make it last one more day

Gotta make it last one more day!

Let's make a deal
Let's make a goddamn deal
One sip and I won't shoot you dead

Don't even try me
Don't fucking try me
Just a drop on my swollen tongue

Just a drop on my swollen tongue

I wonder what's the point
I wonder what's the fucking point
But mostly I don't have time to think

Gotta keep living
Just keep on living
I would kill right now for a drink

I would kill right now for a drink
Track Name: my ak
My AK holds 31 rounds
31 rounds to knock you down

Get away from my water tank
Or I'm gonna shoot you in the flank

I can see this whole damn valley
You won't sneak up on me

Gonna ride this out until the rains come
Me and this greased up gun
Track Name: the bucket brigade kills
They came in peace at first
Just a friendly band of neighbors
We all worked together
Until the well ran dry

They lie
They kill
They drink

We saw their true colors
We heard false promises
We should have known better
Never trust a new friend

They took us one by one
To that dried up, empty well
What a bittersweet irony
We filled it up again
Track Name: bone dry
The fields are black and dead
Creek beds are cracked and dry
The hills are a tinder box
Never realized that this place had been so alive

It's only been a few months since I left
Left behind a life (up and dried)
Now I struggle in a collective mess
You never realize you're alive until you're out of time

Bone dry (this is life)
It used to rain so much you'd almost drown
Bone dry (this is life)
Now the stench of fire is all around

I killed a man a few weeks ago
He wouldn't get the hint that we weren't friends
He tried to get my flask under moon light
Snuffed out his feeble fire and I don't care that he's dead

Thirst does this to normal men
It gets so deep inside them that they lose their sight
How they saw the world is just a dream
No use for tidy morals when it's time to fight
Track Name: it used to rain
It used to rain all around here
It used to rain
But then the clouds departed
We've never been the same

We've never been the same
Never thought that I
Would miss a black, foreboding sky

It used to rain all around here
It used to rain
But then the clouds departed
We've never been the same

I remember the times when I
Never saw the sun for months
It was a cruel joke then
But a crueler joke's begun

It'd be a bitter pill to swallow
But I can't wash it down
Too many of us have died
Too many in the ground

I remember the puddles
I used to splash around
This thought forever consumes me
I want to suck it down
Track Name: tin & gasoline cans
Tin & gasoline cans
Scattered on the ground
Tin & gasoline cans
Make an ugly sound
When everything is empty
When nothing is left
Tin & gasoline cans
Signaling death

I grew up in this waterless land
Memories aplenty of the clouds overhead
I would reach out, grabbing rain with my hand
Now everything I touch is covered in sand

It's not real

Nothing grows in this desolate place
The trees are all gone and now it's a race
To find any water, to find any space
To be the winner at the end of this chase

Once the land of plenty but now nothing's around
I took what I needed then burned to the ground
What I couldn't take but it's all pointless now
Tin cans & gasoline make an ugly sound
Track Name: only friend
This is not the end
But it's not the start
Not if we go forward
Without the heart
You can keep it all
If we ain't gonna starve
But it's the end of us
If we stay apart

What's that you say?
You don't want to share
That's all right by me
You've gotta do what's fair
For yourself, your fairest friends be damned
But I'm so goddamn thirsty
You have a drop to spare?

I don't where I'm going
I haven't drank in days
Kind of feeling real gloomy
About the bed that I've made
It seems so clear to me now
I had a choice but I failed
To see the consequences
Of trust, compassion unveiled

I have learned so much
About the lives we led
Before it all dried up
How it was in our heads
The sense of place
In a community
Now it's plain to see
My only friend is me
Track Name: up in the sky
What's that in the sky?
So far out of reach
Is it moving this way?
I can taste it as I drown on this beach

I don't believe my eyes
This is a sight unseen
I can't recall the shape
It's always a taste in my dreams

How does the story go?
Shoot an arrow high
Hit it right dead on
I want to taste a piece of the sky

I'm going to run so fast
I'm going to get below
I'm going to cup my hands
I'm going drink so deep I explode
Track Name: the rain fell on friday
It's been such a long time
Since I tasted rain
It tastes so sweet today

Held my hands up high
I could feel the sky
Never wanna be dry

It didn't seem like much
As it fell so slowly
Just a fine mist

But mothers wept
And the kids all danced
We're gonna get through this

We've all been through hell
I've seen so many friends die
From thirst and bullets

I doubted myself
I doubted everyone else
Did we fail this test?

Nothing ever comes
The way you want it to
Gotta keep your head up

Gonna be a long time
Before everything's in line
We've got a fight ahead